Here you will learn about advantages of hosting your website in China when targeting the Chinese market, and alternative options to access the Internet audience in China.


By hosting your website on a Chinese server, you may solve the following tasks:

  • Increase website loading speed. Due to inbound foreign traffic bandwidth restrictions, websites on foreign servers load many times slower than Chinese ones. Buying a Chinese hosting increases usability of your resource and, as a consequence, the loyalty of Chinese users.

  • Raise the recourse's visibility in the Baidu listing (China's largest search engine). While ranking webpages, the Chinese search engine takes into account the region and loading speed and therefore, prefers local websites. Without Chinese hosting, effective SEO is out of the question.

  • Reduce website blocking risks. Foreign resources are more at risk of getting banned than the Chinese resources having a mandatory state license (ICP).


Alibaba Cloud (阿里云 ālǐyún) is an international provider by Alibaba Group with servers not only in mainland China, but also in such regions as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. To get connected to AliYun in regions other than China, you don't have to be a resident of China.

Tencent Cloud (腾讯云 téngxùnyún) is the largest provider by Tencent Holdings with servers within mainland China.

Baidu Cloud (百度云 bǎidùyún) is the largest provider by the Baidu Chinese search engine (equivalent of Google blocked in China) with servers within mainland China.

Another trouble associated with Chinese hosting providers is the lack of adequate customer support in English; these hosting providers are, to name a few:

  • 西部数码 Xibu Shuma

  • 4007云网络 4007 Yun Wangluo

  • 新网云 XinWang Yun

  • 青云Qing Yun

  • 小鸟云 Xiaoji Yun

  • 七牛 Qi Niu

  • 华为云 Huawei Yun


To get connected to a hosting provider, you shall have a Chinese legal entity whose charter documents will be requested by a Chinese hoster; the hoster issues the ICP license – an identifier of your website which confirms the legitimacy of your presence in the Chinese Internet space. The ICP license can not be issued without having a legal entity in mainland China.

To get connected to a hosting provider in China, you need the following:

  • A legal entity in China

  • Personal details of the company's representative

  • Physical location in China (required for receiving correspondence)

  • License (营业 执照) for the company (required for KWC).


What to do if you can not register a company in China and apply for the ICP license for connecting to a Chinese hosting provider?

You may connect to a hosting provider in Hong Kong, Singapore or Taiwan:

  • No need for physical or legal presence of the website owner or his/her representative in the region

  • No need to apply for the ICP license

  • Website will work as fast as on the Chinese servers which guarantees effective promotion in Baidu

  • Website does not fall into the register of banned websites unless repugnant to the PRC policy

  • English support service


To successfully launch a website in the Chinese Internet space and provide optimal conditions for its promotion, the following steps are required:

  • Determine the appropriate hosting server option

    Prior to buying a hosting, it is important to decide what type of hosting is the best for your web application.

    • Private server is required for large-scale websites with high traffic which require high performance. To select a private server, the following parameters should be considered: HDD storage capacity; monthly traffic limit and actual network connection speed; RAM capacity, CPU type/capacity, etc.

    • Virtual Private Server (VPS) is suitable for small projects with medium traffic. VPS is much cheaper than a private server, however, it provides its own IP addresses to protect you from unwanted proximity to other websites on the server.

  • Correctly select a hosting provider

    To select a hosting company in Hong Kong, the following should be considered:

    • Location of servers. Many hosting companies are registered in Hong Kong, but keep their servers in the United States. To ensure the high website speed in China, select a hosting provider with Hong Kong-based legal address and servers that have direct connection to the Chinese operators.

    • Quick-responding English support. While selecting a hosting, it is important to test the technical support service. Preference should be given to the companies with responsive English-speaking support (feedback within 1 hour).

    • Server stability. It is recommended to use appropriate services to test the server for script/database query uploading speed and workload in peak hours.

    • Payment methods. Hosting provider should support international transfer systems and bank card payments.

  • Determine the appropriate hosting server option

    Prior to buying a hosting, it is important to decide what type of hosting is the best for your web application.

    Bought Chinese domains often feature status errors, so that the website may not work when the hosting is connected to the domain. If so, contact the registrar and resolve the correct domain status problem.

    Additionally, merging of the new domain with the old one may be required.

    After that, you may launch your website or install a stub if the web application is under development.


We will help you to buy a domain in the CN zone, including registration and configuration.

We will select a reliable hosting provider in mainland China or neighboring regions such as Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore.

We will test serviceability of the resource in mainland China, uploading speed or website response speed on the hosting.

We will check for banned matters on the same IP address with your project.

We will correctly configure the server (private or virtual), launch the website and arrange effective promotion in Baidu.

Optimize your time: contact us to get free consultation and to learn about all advantages of connecting to a hosting provider in China.

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