China's increasing flows of people — particularly tourists — is an expanding business opportunity for retailers in destination countries. McKinsey research finds that China is already the largest source of outbound tourists in the world.

In 2017, Chinese tourists made more than 140 million trips and spent $265 billion; to put that spending in context, US tourists spend $168 billion on foreign travel. Spending by Chinese tourists as a share of worldwide tourism spending has soared from 6 to 22 percent in just ten years and is forecast to reach about 30 percent by 2028, equal to spending by European tourists and just short of spending by tourists from North America and the rest of Asia combined. A large opportunity is available to tap. To attract tourists from China, you need to have your business adapted to Chinese consumers. Our team offers a full range of services to attract a tourist flow from China to your environment and helps you to become “China friendly”.

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How Do We Attract Tourists from China?

Infrastructure preparation. We help owners of existing websites to adapt them to a Chinese visitor:

Full localization and translation into Chinese

Website integration with the largest Chinese social platforms

Placement of QR codes and active links

Your potential client will be able to see news, browse online catalogs, request relevant information and post comments, and our support service will process them as soon as possible – all in Chinese.

If you do not have a website yet, our team offers to develop it and promote all over the Internet space of China.

Social media marketing (SMM).. For the maximum coverage of the target audience, we create personal pages and official accounts in the largest Chinese social networks including WeChat and WeiBo.

Your customers will always be aware of new special offers and discounts, they can ask any question, leave feedback or recommend you to their friends. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to popularize a brand, product or service in China.

Placement of Selling Articles and Banner Ads

We write unique articles about your business and share them with the publishers of the largest relevant web resources in China. This approach allows covering even more potential customers who may know about you even before they plan their travel.

Banners are still an effective Internet marketing tool in China. Looking for, say, “Top 10 best places for shopping” or “The best traditional cuisine restaurants”, a Chinese Internet user can see a banner and go to the website we have already adapted to the Chinese language.

We develop banner ads respecting the features and recommendations of the Chinese Internet sites and the Baidu search service, the largest one in China.

Opinion Leaders

The China Internet celebrity market is one of the most developed in the world. A recommendation from a famous travel blogger with a million followers may attract even more potential clients. We pick up the most relevant bloggers with an active audience, create an attractive content and make arrangement for postings to be seen by hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers.

Where Chinese Tourists Spend Money on Traveling?

Today, the entire tourism industry is developing in the AirBnb format and is focused to individual tours. However, guests from China still prefer group tours because of the language barrier, since not all Chinese speak English.


Preference is given to 4- and 5-star hotels that feature:
  • A good service (they study reviews in Chinese social media)
  • Chinese cuisine
  • Free Wi-Fi and TV channels in Chinese


Chinese people love travel shopping and surely buy:
  • Clothes and accessories of famous brands
  • Fur
  • Jewelry (especially gold and amber)
  • Cosmetics
  • Paintings


The McKinsey report says that almost all travels of Chinese tourists abroad are arranged by local companies, and these are mainly group travels. This research also revealed a number of myths about Chinese tourists. For example, that's a myth that they mainly prefer to go shopping, while in reality they prefer traveling to learn better the culture of the country and get to know the local customs and traditions. Another myth is that Chinese tourists only prefer local cuisine. This is not so: now they show an increasing interest in gourmet cuisine. Today the demand for individual tours is growing, and Chinese startups offering exclusive tours are growing along. That's because group tours offer “turnkey” meals at prearranged catering points with Chinese cuisine. But mostly, enthusiasts from China prefer traditional local cuisine in their strive to learn more about the country. They choose the places based on ratings posted by other Chinese tourists and personal recommendations. As a rule, these are places that offer payment with a China UnionPay card, menu in English and convenient location.

We know exactly how you can make money on Chinese tourists. Want to know more? Meet us!

Tourists from China
From $1,500
Project adaptation to the Chinese audience’s perception
Promotion in Chinese social media
Attraction of tourist groups
Enabling WeChat Pay and AliPay
Working with China Digital Marketing Agency team, you get:

Internet marketing experts in China


Dedicated Chinese-speaking project manager


Reliable and clear online reporting


  • WeChat. Business account registration and promotion
  • WeChat. Administration and promotion
  • Placement in search and retrieval services
  • WeChat. Business account registration and promotion
  • Weibo. Official page registration and promotion
  • Placement in search and retrieval services
  • WeChat. Business account registration
  • Weibo. Official page registration
  • Placement in search and retrieval services
  • WeChat. Business account registration and promotion
  • Weibo. Official page registration and promotion
  • Little Red Book. Registration and promotion
  • Contextual advertising in Baidu Ads
  • WeChat. Business account registration and promotion
  • Weibo. Registration and promotion
  • Contextual advertising in Baidu
  • Mass media

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