WeChat is the most popular instant messaging service within mainland China and the second most popular in the world. The audience of active users reaches more than 1 billion people, approximately the same number of residents of China are active users of the mobile Internet, therefore, every owner of a smartphone in China uses WeChat by default.

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Comparison with other instant messengers:

1.5 billion active users

1.06 billion active users

206 million active users

200 million active users

WeChat is multifaceted. One app to manage everything

We cannot compare WeChat with some other other messengers that are familiar to us, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber or Skype. WeChat is a platform that was created on the basis of the Instant Messenger concept and that is available in both the mobile and desktop versions. It includes a mobile wallet, a built-in Web browser, an online store and an assortment of tools that are integrated with other services and supervised by the largest Internet giant of China - Tencent Holdings Limited.

In other words, Facebook created its own Messenger, while WeChat did just the opposite. First the messenger appeared, which developed an entire ecosystem within itself and completely transformed Chinese communication and online socialization in general, as well as planted its roots in the everyday life and cultural aspects of the Chinese society. In addition to standard functions inherent to any messenger these days, WeChat allows its users to share their publications by creating an RSS feed, most reminiscent of Facebook in 2000’s. The introduction of the WeChat Pay payment service allowed all WeChat users to pay for their purchases by scanning a QR code from their mobile device using an electronic wallet. For example, when at the checkout in supermarkets or in restaurants, you just bring the QR code from the WeChat wallet close to the reader at the cash register, and the required amount will be debited from your account. It is important to understand that registering your eWallet in WeChat is only possible using Chinese UnionPay cards, issued by Chinese banks, and the Chinese phone number, also issued to you.

WeChat platform
Internet Wallet Purchases

Subscription and service accounts in WeChat. What is it?

In addition to the WeChat user account, there are two more types of accounts - subscription and service.

Official subscription account with WeChat

It is an information channel that any WeChat user can subscribe to for receiving interesting or necessary information for themselves.

Subscription accounts are very popular among public client-oriented organizations and resemble a company page on Facebook, with a bit of a different internal infrastructure.

Official service account with WeChat

It is different from the subscription option, since it allows you to conduct commercial activities within the account.

For example, if you have your own online store, then when it is integrated with the service account, your customers will be able to choose and pay (for example, through WeChat Pay) for purchases directly in the service account.

Registration and administration of the subscription and service accounts

Unlike the user account, WeChat subscription and service accounts can only be registered for residents of the PRC - for either an individual or a legal entity, and there are restrictions on the number of registered accounts. If earlier it was possible to register up to 5 accounts per physical person, and up to 50 accounts per legal entity, then recently this number was limited to 2 accounts per individual and up to 5 accounts per legal entity (these restrictions are partly associated with frequent cases of subscription accounts registration for Western crowdfunding projects aimed at attracting investment in ICOs, which have recently been officially banned in China).

WeChat also serves as a platform for developing applications - the so-called “mini programs” are built into the WeChat platform and differ from service accounts by the ability to create their own infrastructure. Built-in applications along with service accounts are available for conducting business.

Subscription or service accounts are registered when providing:

  • PRC Citizen ID card number

  • Chinese mobile telephone number

  • WeChat Pay wallet with an associated bank card that was issued by a Chinese bank

The mobile telephone number is registered to the ID card number, the data of which must correspond to the ID card provided for registering a WeChat account.

A bank card linked to an e-wallet must be registered with the same ID-card and phone number that are used when registering a WeChat account.

Subscription and service accounts can only be managed via the desktop version (mp.weixin.qq.com), which becomes available after Tencent administration verifies the account.

Only a WeChat user can become an administrator, with a UnionPay Chinese bank card and a phone number registered to the same user.

The basic administration functions include:

Publication of news and media content

Updating account credentials

Community management

Processing incoming requests from users

What do we do?

The team of China Digital Marketing Agency provides a full range of services for official registration of subscription and service accounts:

  • 1

    Creation of official accounts with the ability to transfer administrator rights

  • 2

    Configuration of profiles and content management

  • 3

    Customer support and community management - we publish relevant content and process incoming requests from users

  • 4

    Outstaffing - we become part of your team

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WeChat Promotion Cases:

  • Registration of the official WeChat account and verification for the legal entity of the customer, design and menu settings
  • Registration of a WeChat Ads account and launch of an advertising campaign
  • WeChat content management
  • Organization and participation in the ICEE China exhibition in Guangzhou
  • WeChat content management, content planning and copywriting
  • WeChat targeting ads set up and launch
  • WeChat customer support
  • WeChat. Business account registration and promotion
  • Douyin. Registration, verification and promotion

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