That is one of the oldest sites for trading CS:GO skin cases. Being a major industry player since 2016, the team paid attention to the huge and ever-growing Chinese gaming market. Having researched Chinese players' interest in the service and further prospects of the market, the guys approached us with an idea to promote the site and brand among the Chinese CS:GO players.


Project’s full adaptation and brand promotion, attracting traffic to the site, and increasing skin case sales to Chinese players. Keeping the traffic and ensuring communication with users.

Douyu game streaming.
Huya game streaming.
Douyu game streaming.


Game streams are extremely popular in China, their audience can range from several hundred thousand to a million people, so it was obvious that CS:GO match online broadcasts should be the central promotion channel for the game service. Since collaboration with Chinese streamers is quite expensive because of their popularity and the number of active audiences, it was decided to pick up some top CS:GO streamers, shortlist the best of them in terms of a quality-to-price ratio and – before arranging any long-term partnership – run a test broadcast with ads. Then, depending on the conversion result and the broadcast ads’ quality, we were going to choose the most successful streamers for further cooperation. We planned to involve social networks, primarily WeChat and Weibo, for promoting the brand and image, as well as communicating with Chinese users.


We preselected the Top 5 streamers with the largest number of subscribers and the highest average view rate. Then our team held negotiations and exclude those streamers whose terms of cooperation were found unacceptable for the customer. The shortlisted ones came to an agreement to run a minimum-budget test broadcast with ads.

The following successful test streams arranged by our team on a turnkey basis and moderated at all the stages of broadcast preparation and conduct, long-term partnership contracts were made through our mediation with two streamers under the condition of regular advertising during the broadcasts.

At the same time, we launched an image campaign to promote the brand in the largest social network Weibo and set up customer support in WeChat Messenger in the Chinese time zone.

Also, we completely localized the website into Chinese and adapted it for Chinese users.


The test ad broadcasts showed a more than 50% growth of traffic from China to the customer’s website.

The peak values for ad views during the streams amounted to 650k and 300k one-time views, respectively.

The sales of skin cases on the website grew by 50%.


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