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Who We Are

Created solely to ease all your dealings with China, HowFar China is a platform created for anyone wanting to expand their reach and explore China.
Founded in 2014 by both Pacer Groups in China and Rarewood Bridge Nigeria with the aim of assisting you gain useful information about China and help you with your dealings with China.

What We Do

We help interested clients explore China's numerous potentials such as schooling in China, working in China, trading goods and services either by importing or exporting to China. Our services, although vast can be broken down into two main sections.

Educational Consultancy

Assist With Securing Admission into highly recommended Chinese Schools

Business Consultancy

Assist In Buying and Sending of Goods/Items to Nigeria

Having helped numerous clients over our short period of existence, We can be seen as your personal assistant in china. Please make sure you visit our service page to have a glance at some other services we offer in details.

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What Some of Our Clients Say

Here are what some of our clients think


Victor, Lagos Masters In Software Engineering.

Trusted the team at HowFar Chinawith the task of getting me a great school for my masters degree studies. And I got my acceptance letter some few months after sending the required forms.


Wealth , Lagos Masters In Software Engineering.

I remember having my doubts during the application period for my scholarship program, but the team at HowFar China were so professional and encouraging. Still remember how excited I was after I got the email congratulating me.


Dsignera , Lagos Businesswoman/Entreprenuer.

Before I was introduced to HowFar China I was used to shopping online for goods from the UK and US. Now with HowFar China I only exchange some pictures of what I want, send some links to the team, HowFar China confirms the link and send a quotation then I make payment. Importation has never been easier and cheaper.


Amina , Abuja Businesswoman/Entreprenuer.

An amazing first experience. Got my goods sent to Abuja from China with ease. Goods were intact and all my clients were happy. Nice doing business with HowFar China.


T. Lee , Kano Businessman.

HowFar China, helped me source for companies I need to help provide a specific product for my construction job. It's been nice and great, looking forward to doing more business with the team.

Why China?


China is seen as an exciting place for youths based on her potentials. We at HowFar China can be seen as the trusted link for youths wanting to explore China, be it through education or business.
Based on statistics, China is among the fastest growing economies in the world.


China has a great number of universities to choose from, all offering courses taught In English. China is now a leading force in the educational sector.
Most Degree courses come with a short internship period aimed at giving foriegners some working experience in China before graduating and improving the experience.


China offers a lot of opportunity for businesses, most notably exporting high quality goods at affordable rates to other countries.

No doubt China is a force to be reckoned with and We at HowFar China are pleased to asisst you.
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